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The Jazz of the Devil

Sam Hervé Spiegel

A novel which tells a modern tale loosely inspired by the legend of Faust.
The story which takes place in London is set against a backdrop of jazz and runs from 1986 to the present.  Jack White is a highly skilled saxophonist whose glittering talent is surpassed by his pennilessness and desire to succeed at all costs.
One evening while drinking to excess in a pub, a mysterious stranger named Michael Heaven, makes him an offer which is as bizarre as it is irresistible: glory and honour in exchange for his soul. Initially hesitant, Jack finds himself in the grip of overwhelming and unfortunate circumstances which leave him with no other choice than to accept the stranger’s offer. Following this the musician is drawn into a series of troubling and tragic events. He experiences the mysterious appearance of strangers who come to his aid and sees his dreams come true. He experiences success in everything he does.
But yet his life is no longer his to control.
Did he really sell his soul to the Devil?


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Sam Hervé Spiegel

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